Christmas Gift Guide for coffee lovers

If you are looking for a perfect gift for a coffee lover, you might be overwhelmed by the variety of options available. Coffee lovers are not all the same; they have different tastes, preferences, and habits when it comes to their favorite drink. To help you find the best gift for your coffee lover, we have created six personas that represent different types of coffee lovers. Each persona describes their coffee habit, what equipment they have at home, and a gift suggestion that suits their personality and needs. Whether you are shopping for a friend, a family member, a colleague, or yourself, you will find something for everyone in this gift guide. Read on and discover the best gifts for coffee lovers of all kinds, from beginners to the connoisseur traveler.

1. The Coffee Curious Novice:

Description: Just dipping her toes into the world of coffee. She enjoys the occasional cup from her local coffee shop but hasn’t ventured into brewing at home.

Habit and Equipment: drinks americano and doesn’t have any coffee equipment at home and is eager to explore the art of brewing.

Suggested Gift: Choose something simple: a Cafetiere – the simples easiest to use, or maybe an Aeropress, and of course a bag of ground coffee

2. No fuss coffee drinker

Description: he just wants a good cup of coffee without a whistle and bell

Habit and Equipment: using his glass cafetiere, likes it’s simplicity. Makes a big jug at a time and drinks it one cup at a time during the day. He complains that the coffee gets cold and he keeps breaking the glass.

Suggested Gift: an insulated stainless steel cafetiere (1 litre capacity), and of course a bag of ground coffee

3. The Serious Novice:

Description: Loves black coffee, knows about the different characters of coffee producing areas. Gets excited when discovers a specialty café on his holiday, but doesn’t brew coffee at home, yet

Habit and Equipment: maybe has a basic cafetiere, but barley using it, rather goes to a good café for his black coffee

Suggested Gift: Hario gift boxes, any of the 3 we offer. The beginner box contains everything needed to make filter coffee, the Expert has absolutely every gadget ever needed for filter coffee. Even has a book produced by Hario, with guides and recipes and of course a bag of Artessa coffee.

4. The Brewmaster:

Description: a filter coffee enthusiast who finds joy in the simple ritual of brewing at home, starts her day with a reliable drip coffee maker, using it to create a comforting pot of filter coffee

Habit and Equipment: She enjoys the rituals of making a pour over. Her current setup includes a standard kettle and she is thinking about how to achieve even better tasting coffee. She might follow coffee expert on her social media.

Suggested Gift: here’s two ideas, often missing from people coffee set ups, not essential but a joy to use and helps a lot making much better tasting coffee with ease.

Gooseneck kettle: a thoughtful addition to her coffee corner. Its slender spout promises easy and controlled pouring, allowing her to achieve a more precise water flow over her coffee grounds.

Scale with a built in timer: control everything with ease at one step. Measure the coffee and the amount of water poured in while keeping an eye the ideal 4 minute brewing time.

5. The Espresso machine owner:

Description: espresso aficionado, takes delight in the bold and rich flavours of a well-crafted espresso shot. Or a cappuccino/latte/flat white lover

Habit and Equipment: espresso machine at home

Suggested Gift: here’s a few ideas, not essential but very handy to have.

Milk jug: perfect sized, stainless steel milk jug is essential for texturing (foaming) milk

Tamping mat: tamping the coffee on the kitchen counter can damage the surface of the counter. A rubber tamping mat keeps the portafilter in space and protects the surface

Knock box: does your friend empty the used coffee in an adhoc container? Using a knock box requires only a single knock to empty the used coffee while keeping the counter clean.

And these for the clean freak:

Brush: a small handy brush to quickly clean the counter (there’s always so much ground coffee around the grinder and espresso machine….)

Barista cloth set: for keeping everything clean and tidy, a brown cloth for cleaning ground coffee from the counter of from he portafilter, blue for cleaning the steamer and a black one for a spare.

And one for someone having a high end espresso machine such as a Sage Oracle or Oracle Touch:

Pluck sucker: a little gadget quietly removing the used coffee from the portafilter using vacuum. Absolutely not necessary, but it’s such a fun using it 🙂

If you are thinking something more expensive and your loved one doesn’t has a grinder, than an electrical burr grinder is essential to achieve the best tasting espresso.

6. The Travelling coffee lover:

Description: a coffee enthusiast and a minimalist, who likes to keep his luggage light and simple. He is always complaining about having bad coffee on his holiday in the hotel, or having to settle for instant coffee when camping

Habit and Equipment: drinks americano or filter coffee, has some equipment at home. He wishes he could brew his own coffee on the go, without compromising on quality or convenience.

Suggested Gift: AeroPress or an AeroPress Go, which are portable, durable, and easy to use coffee makers that produce a rich and smooth cup of coffee. To elevate his experience, he would also appreciate a hand coffee grinder

We hope you enjoyed this gift guide and found some inspiration for your coffee lover. Whether you choose a coffee machine, a gadget, a treat, an accessory, or a book, you are sure to make your coffee lover happy and satisfied. Coffee is more than just a drink; it’s a way of showing love and appreciation. So, don’t hesitate to spoil your coffee lover with a gift that suits their personality and needs. And don’t forget to share a cup of coffee with them, because nothing beats a good conversation over a good coffee. Thank you for reading this gift guide and happy shopping!

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