This brewing device was just invented in 2005 but very quickly became one of the most popular brewing methods among coffee lovers.

It is easy to use, portable, easy to clean and makes fantastic coffee.

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How it works: The ground coffee and hot water are mixed in the cylinder than the liquid is forced through a paper filter by hand resulting in a strong, clean coffee. How to use:

  • Place one paper filter into the plastic filter holder and screw it on the bottom of the cylinder.
  • Put one scoop of ground coffee using the scoop provided into the cylinder. The coffee should be ground a bit finer than filter bit coarser than espresso.
  • Place the cylinder onto a cup.
  • Pour about 120ml hot but not boiling water (92oC) into the cylinder.
  • Mix the coffee and water for about 10 seconds using the mixing paddle provided.
  • Place the plunger on the top of the cylinder and carefully push it down
  • Enjoy the delicious coffee!
  • This method gives a strong brew, if you prefer it lighter pour in some hot water.

You can experiment with a bit cooler water, and more water, coarser ground, longer brewing time etc to find your favourite taste. Please clean you AeroPress straight after using it. It only takes a few seconds but it will keep your AeroPress in perfect condition:

  • After the plunger is pushed down fully, remove the plastic filter holder and push out the compressed coffee.
  • Rinse all parts of the AeroPress with clean water.

This AeroPress box also contains 350 paper filter, paper filter holder, stirrer, scoop, and funnel. We also sell replacement filter.


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