Organic Decaffeinated


This blend is a clean, sweet, medium bodied coffee with citrus acidity, blackcurrant and malty chocolate notes.

Decaffeinated coffees are often treated as not worthy for a coffee lover. We disagree. We pay the same attention to our decaffeinated coffees as any other coffee. So we chose a coffee with a nice clean profile which was decaffeinated the gentlest way possible without the use of harsh chemicals, just water and charcoal filters.

A great coffee to enjoy without worrying the effect of caffeine.

Certified Organic coffee


Growing altitude: 1,000 and 1,600 m.a.s.l.

Growing region: Peru

Processing: washed and CO2 (decaffeination)


The decaffeination process starts with steaming the green coffee beans to soften its cell walls. In the next step, the coffee is taken into a high-pressure chamber filled with CO2. At that pressure, the CO2 is liquid and naturally attaching to caffeine molecules and extracting it from the bean. The caffeine is removed from the liquid CO2. When the coffee beans are taken out to normal atmospheric pressure, the CO2 evaporates. The coffee is dried and ready to be shipped to coffee roasters. About 97-99% of the coffee’s caffeine content is removed by this process. By comparison, this coffee has about the same caffeine content as milk chocolate.




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Weight 1 kg
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Wholebean, Ground for cafetiere, Ground for espresso, Ground for filter, Ground for Aeropress, Ground for mokapot

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250g, 1kg


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