Hario Expert Set – Coffee Brewing Gift Set


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This Hario Expert Set is perfect for gift for anyone interested in filter coffee.

The beautifully designed box contains absolutely everything – including coffee – needed to make the perfect filter coffee.

The Hariology Brewing Guide features exciting background information about Hario, as well as delicious V60 recipes from renowned baristas to brew yourself.


The box contains:

  • Coffee Dripper V60 02 Ceramic white [VDC-02W]
  • V60 Coffee drip kettle “Buono” [VKB-120HSV]
  • V60 Range Server 600ml Clear [XGS-60TB]
  • Ceramic Coffee Mill Mini-Slim Plus [MSS-1DTB]
  • Hario Drip Scale [VSTN-2000B]
  • Hariology Brewing Guide (ENG)
  • V60 filter paper, 40 pcs. each.
  • stainless steel measuring spoon
  • 250g coffee beans of your choice

Additional information

Choose coffee

Lounge, Fusion, Smooth, Nina, East Africa, Temptation Organic, El Salvador, Dominican, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Rwanda, Indonesia, Indian Monsoon, Colombia Organic, Ethiopia Sidamo Organic, Indonesia Organic, Decaff, Artessa choice


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