AeroPress Seal


Silicone replacement seal for your old Aeropress.

It is more than likely that after being used for a while there might be some wearing leading to air leakages reducing the effectiveness of your AeroPress.

Instead of throwing it away, rejuvenate it with a new seal and be environmentally friendly in the process.

Work off the old seal (it will come off) and add the new one and you’re good to go again.

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Silicone seals were introduced by AeroPress in September 2018. This is the most common soft material found in the kitchen.  They are slightly softer than the originals but work better and will last longer.

It is recommended that AeroPress users remove the seal about once a month so that it can be thoroughly cleaned to reduced the smell of stale coffee effecting further brews.


Compatible with AeroPress and AeroPress Go.


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