Coffee: The secret ingredient to an efficient workplace

Having access to good coffee while working in an office is an absolute game-changer. First off, it can give you the energy boost you need to power through those long work days. Plus, let’s be real, a delicious cup of coffee is an instant mood-lifter and can help to brighten even the dreariest of mornings. It’s also a great way to socialize and bond with your co-workers during those much-needed coffee breaks. And, if you’re anything like me, a cup of coffee is practically a ritual that you look forward to every day. Trust me, having a coffee station in the office can make all the difference in how you feel about coming to work each day.

Here are some the basics on coffee station in your office:

Choose the right location

Well, it’s usually the kitchen as everything is already there – fresh water, refrigerator for milk, bin, cups, spoons etc.

Most coffee machines suitable for small-medium offices aren’t connected to the main water supply and its water container needs to be filled up regularly.

The fully automated coffee machines – suitable for serving hundreds of cups a day – are connected to the main water and wastewater for continuous, easy operation

Select the right equipment

Invest in a good quality coffee maker that can brew enough coffee to serve all employees.  Prepare for peak times, not just average consumption.

The big question is what kind of coffee you want to be available – just black coffee or cappuccinos, lattes too?

Providing filter coffee is the easiest and cheapest option. Buy a good quality filer machine with insulated jugs to keep the coffee hot for hours. Having a few extra jugs makes it’s possible to prepare in advance for serving large quantities in a very short time, for example at an event.

Providing cappuccinos, lattes, and flat whites needs more expensive equipment and requires more cleaning and maintenance. From basic bean to cup machines to fully automated stations are available.

If you office is smaller you may want to simply have an electric kettle and a few different sizes of cafetiere/french press to accommodate your staff’s coffee needs.

If you’re not sure which machines you’d need, contact us, and we can help you to choose and even organize the installation with our partners.

Additional storage for coffee related items

Depending on your chosen location you will need to add storage space for coffee-related items such as

  • Cups & saucers
  • Glasses
  • Spoons
  • Coffee Scoop
  • Sugar/Sweeteners
  • Syrups and flavours
  • Cafetieres/French press
Thermo insulated stainless steel french press

Keep it stocked

Freshly roasted coffee beans keep it’s aromas for about a year, it can be ordered in bulk.

You can order when you need or we can set up a monthly order with a direct debit payment and you never have to worry about it.

If there’s a filter machine and no grinder, we can supply ground coffee too.

Clean and maintain regularly.

Keeping the station organised, clean and tidy is going to benefit everyone. So this may be the job of one person or the whole team but make sure everyone is aware.

And like every machine, it need some love, follow the instruction to clean and keep it in tip top condition.

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