East Africa


This blend is a tribute to East Africa, the birthplace of the coffee plant. This blend is very rich, sweet, full bodied, with honey, berries, date, prune, chocolate, citrus and a touch of jasmine notes.

The high altitudes and rich volcanic soil of East Africa are ideal growing conditions for coffee. 

The coffees we choose to this blend are: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia Banco Gotete, Burundi

All these coffees have similar characters, together they represents a near full spectrum of flavours coffee can have.


Regions: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Burundi Butihinda
Growing Altitude: 1,700-2,200 + m.a.s.l.
Arabica Variety: heirloom
Harvest Period: November – April
Preparation: Washed

This is a very rich coffee, not just in aromas but in appearance too. The brewed coffee has an exceptional rich, deep, dark, reddish brown colour.


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Weight 1 kg
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Wholebean, Ground for cafetiere, Ground for espresso, Ground for filter, Ground for Aeropress, Ground for mokapot

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