Hario V60 Craft Coffee Maker Set


Everything you need to make filter coffee is included in this set:

Plastic dripper, 600ml glass server, plastic measuring spoon and 40 paper filter.

Suitable for 1-4 cup of coffee

Colour: red

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Hario from Japan represents exceptional quality for brewing specialty coffee and tea.

Their heat resistance glasses and award winning designs are perfect choice for all coffee drinkers.

The Hario V60 Pour over set allows specialty coffee beginners and experts alike to brew fresh coffee at home or at work.

The Hario Pour over Kit V60 is a well designed pour-over set that makes the brewing process simple and easy to execute even for a beginner.

Using guides:

Coffee Grind: medium course

Place a paper filter in the dipper and place it on top of the server.

Pour clear hot water into the filter. This wets the paper filter and warms up the server.

Discard the water.

Put about 7g (one scoop of the maesuring spoon) of medium course ground coffee in the filter and about 150ml hot but not boiling water (about 92 Celsius) water/cup.

Pour the hot water using a slow pouring kettle if you have. Start pouring hot water from the outer rim, moving in spiral to the centre, then stop and wait about 30 seconds. Start pouring again this time from the centre, spiralling towards the edge. Stop, wait and pour again.

Pouring all the water should take about 4 minutes.

When all the water dripped from the filter, your coffee is ready.



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